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The New Pacific Garden Mall

Seems like so long ago since we had the first version of Pacific Garden Mall, an experiment in urban planning and design along Pacific Avenue from Water Street to Cathcart Street. Time to consider a new car free version of the Pacific Garden Mall.


The Great Morgani Has Left the Building

Let me first say that I love The Great Morgani, that I consider him a Santa Cruz institution and treasure, and hope he reconsiders his decision to “retire” from playing on Pacific Avenue. It’s a resolution where nobody wins.


Living Alleys

I really love the concept and idea of bringing “living alleys” to the downtown area. I’ve already got a few alleys in mind for this type of cooperative civic project


24 Hour Bathrooms Come to Downtown

It seems the city is following through on a promise to facilitate at least one 24 hour access public bathroom in the downtown area. Previous Story by KSBW: While the new bathroom amounts to...

Set Up to Fail 0

Set Up to Fail

One of the most important intersections in the city of Santa Cruz would have be the north entrance to Pacific Avenue from Laurel Street. It’s the unofficial entrance to downtown from the West side...