About Us

cusp_logoClean Up Santa Cruz! is a community supported website whose goal is to bring public awareness to a variety of groups and organizations that share a common goal: to keep Santa Cruz clean and safe. Santa Cruz is a melting pot of ethnicity and culture, and we celebrate that diversity while sharing the common goal and understanding that a cleaner Santa Cruz is a safer Santa Cruz and a cleaner and safer Santa Cruz is a better Santa Cruz.

Our editors and contributors hope to bring you fresh perspectives on the issues that matter most to the Santa Cruz community.

Managing Editor

Steve Schlicht
Steve Schlicht is the Managing Editor and Founder of Clean Up Santa Cruz! He is involved in a number of community service projects in Santa Cruz, California. He has also previously created and managed a number of community service websites, including Take Back Santa Cruz. He was selected by then Mayor Hilary Bryant to represent the community on the Public Safety Citizens Task Force, which delivered their final report to the Santa Cruz city council in December of 2013.