City Council Update on Citizens Public Safety Task Force Report

The Santa Cruz City Council is scheduled to discuss their response to recent items that were included in a motion that was initiated by David Terrazas back in December of 2013. The city manager’s staff has produced a report on the motion and is scheduled to present at the next council meeting, taking place February 25th.

I got this recent email from Scott Collins, assistant city manager.

City staff will present City Council with updates on Task Force recommendations next Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 3pm in Council Chambers.  As you may recall, Council directed staff at the December 3rd meeting to review and implement a number of top priority recommendations and report back on progress.

I’m going to do my best to be at this meeting.

I’m also including a number of download links with relevant information. These were sent to me by Scott.

Relevant Reading Materials

Council Agenda Report (PDF)

December 13th Motion on the Task Force Report (PDF)

County Board of Supervisors Response to the Task Force Report (PDF)

City of Santa Cruz public safety initiatives launched since July 2013 (PDF)

2014 City Funding for Social Service Programs (PDF)




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