The Latest News from Santa Cruz


Never Forget

This week marks the first anniversary of the tragic deaths of 2 SCPD officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. It was the first time in the history of the SCPD that they lost an officer in the line of duty, over 150 years. And they lost another the same day.


City Council Update on Citizens Public Safety Task Force Report

The Santa Cruz City Council is scheduled to discuss their response to recent items that were included in a motion that was initiated by David Terrazas back in December of 2013.


The New Pacific Garden Mall

Seems like so long ago since we had the first version of Pacific Garden Mall, an experiment in urban planning and design along Pacific Avenue from Water Street to Cathcart Street. Time to consider a new car free version of the Pacific Garden Mall.


The Great Morgani Has Left the Building

Let me first say that I love The Great Morgani, that I consider him a Santa Cruz institution and treasure, and hope he reconsiders his decision to “retire” from playing on Pacific Avenue. It’s a resolution where nobody wins.

Photo by Pall Martin

The Broken Windows Theory Isn’t Just About Windows

Santa Cruz has a big problem with graffiti. It’s certainly not the most dangerous issue, you could argue it’s not even a public safety issue. But it’s vandalism, which is still to the best of my knowledge against the law, and it’s impact on the community can be felt in other indirect ways.


Is This Acceptable as Collateral Damage?

A member of the Santa Cruz Clean Team recently came across a stash of 281 needles in the Evergreen Cemetery area of the Pogonip, a known area for transient and homeless camps.


Santa Cruz Needs More HOPE and Less Idiot Compassion

Judge Steven Alm has created an innovative probation program in Hawaii that has been so successful in reforming offenders and keeping them out of prison, it’s now being copied in courtrooms across the nation.


Living Alleys

I really love the concept and idea of bringing “living alleys” to the downtown area. I’ve already got a few alleys in mind for this type of cooperative civic project


Worth a Raise

The Santa Cruz city council recently deferred on making a decision to vote themselves a significant pay raise


Music Festivals in San Lorenzo Park

As a longtime resident of the downtown area, I understand what a struggle the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day can be.